Admission & Discharge

Your stay at OSC
Orthopaedic Specialist Centre


Prior to your hospital admission, you will be given information about how to prepare and what to expect before and after your procedure. Our staff will advise you on your appointment date as well as on any relevant information you may require of your procedure. This will include your recovery period, the estimated cost of your bill, payment methods, as well as financial counselling. You are welcome to discuss or clarify any uncertainties that you may have prior to your admission.

When you are admitted to the hospital, we hope to get you settled and comfortable as quickly as possible. You are required to bring along with you the following on your admission day.

Checklist for Admission

Current medications (prescription, over the counter and herbal medicine)
Personal amenities such as slippers, comb, toothbrush, towel, etc.
Comfortable clothes such as pyjamas, sarong, housecoats, etc.

Admission Day

On arrival at OSC, you are requested to visit the Admissions counter located at Ground Floor Lobby of OSC for both Inpatient & Daycare procedures. Our admission team will assist you to complete your paperwork and check you in into the respective room at the ward. At the ward, our ward staff will orientate you to the ward and the facilities available. A ward nurse will visit you to take your detailed medical history and carry out any necessary tests, as ordered by the Surgeon.

During Your Stay

Checklist for Admission

During your stay at the Hospital, you will be attended to by a team of doctors comprising Consultant Surgeons, medical officers and the anaesthetist.

Updates on Your Medical Condition

Your medical records and information on your medical condition are confidential. We will only share this information with you and your next-of-kin. Should your immediate family members wish to know more about your condition, we encourage them to contact your next of kin.

Visiting Hours

Open visiting between 9am -1pm & 4pm – 8pm
2 visitors per patient at any one time

Children below 12yrs old are NOT ALLOWED


When you’re well enough to go home, your doctor will inform you and share some follow-up information, which may include:

Any follow-up outpatient appointments
Medication to be taken at home.
Any equipment or aids you require at home


The discharge process may take some time to allow the care team to complete processes such as the following:

Contacting your next-of-kin about your discharge
Preparation of the discharge summary
Preparation of medication
Scheduling of follow-up appointments
Counselling on post-discharge care